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About the Havanese......



The Havanese is the Cuban member of the Bichon family, a group which includes Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, Lowchen and Maltese. These breeds differ in coat type and character. They are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean area. Bichon type dogs were probably taken to Cuba by traders & settlers and to have evolved into the HAVANESE. Originally the lap dog of the aristocracy, they became, in time, the much loved pet of the ordinary Cuban.

A Companion Dog. HEIGHT: 9-11 ins (23-28cm) HAPPY, affectionate, playful, Gentle. Good with childreen, Trainable a very intelligent and beautiful breed.

















The havanese is a small sturdy dog, slightly longer than tall .They have a a double coat i.e. an outer coat of long silky hair which is generally wavy to straight with a soft undercoat. The coat should be abundant though light in texture .The coat comes in many colours ranging from white, all shades of cream, gold, sables, tobacco brown, silver, to black and any combination of these colours, giving particolours and tricolours. 
The coat is untrimmed for showing except for the hair on the feet which should be neatened. Havanese have almond shaped eyes and a gentle and intelligent expression .Their legs are relatively short but not so short as to make the dog too close to the ground. They move in a jaunty fashion with a unique springy step, are very agile, and carry their plumed tails over their backs when on the move. A completely natural look is what is required.

Character - happy with a zest for life, they adore their family, bonding closely with them. This is the main reason why Havanese are not suitable as kennel dogs. Their greatest desire is to live at home as part of the family. They will become sad & introverted if left alone regularly or repeatedly for the greater part of the day & so are not suitable for people who work full time. Havanese need companionship to thrive.

They are very good with children, especially older children who can appreciate their small size & play with them appropriately. They love their toys & can be very entertaining involving their humans in games of their own devising.

Intelligent -YES!! Havanese mix well with other breeds. They enjoy obedience training & mini agility or indeed any pastime in which they can participate & be with their owner. They want to please while still maintaining their own individual character. They are easy to house train as they are very clean by nature. They don't mind water & indeed have been known to swim! They will give warning but are not "yappy"

Grooming - ESSENTIAL! HAVANESE will benefit from being combed through and brushed daily, plus the normal maintenance of ears, eyes & nails. Advice on this will be available from the breeder or the breed club.




















Health -At present the club is not aware of any major health problems other than possible eye problems. We promote yearly eye testing of all HAVANESE & maintain a voluntary register of the results. The club recommend that prospective owners buy only puppies whose parents have current clear eye certificates.

RESPONSIBILITY as an HAVANESE OWNER - a little warning! The adorable nature of the HAVANESE with it's appealing face, mannerisms & personality can within a very short time lead to it being spoiled. It is tempting to carry them about constantly, to baby them-DON'T. Allow them to run, play, have a daily walk, be a dog. Even if most of the time, they don't think they are !


HAVANESE are a rare breed not just in the U.K. but worldwide so you may have to wait until a puppy is available.

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